Saturday, October 29, 2011

Culver's on the Cheap!

Everyone's gotta feed their family! One of my favorite Wisconsin discoveries since I moved to Chicago 10 years ago is the Culver's BUTTER BURGER! My fellow NU peers from Wisconsin were obsessed about Butter Burgers and I never understood it until.....I got CULVERIZED! Now, we're pretty much obsessed with Culver's too.

Why am I writing this on 'Fru-Girl'? Well, why don’t you tell me last time you got a delicious, fresh (never frozen) burger for under $4....that's right - Butter Burgers are FRUGAL! AWESOME!

Jon and I love Culver's amazing Butter Burgers and tend to take visiting non-mid-westerners to get the real Culver's experience. We have a checklist of things to make our visitors try:
  • Deep Fried Cheese Curds
  • Classic Butter Burger
All of these items are made with fresh Wisconsin products...Beef + Dairy! NOM NOM NOM!

Living in Evanston, sadly (we don't have one really close - although I’ve heard rumors of Culver’s going in on Dempster in Niles!) So for now, our Culver's experiences have to wait until we're out of town: we've hit up the Culver's in Antioch, Mt. Prospect, Pleasant Prairie and in South Bend.

Why is Culver's so good??
  • They use fresh, never frozen beef for their burgers and real Wisconsin Cheese! (not that processed stuff like fast food joints).
  • They have deals! (Follow on Facebook + Twitter for giveaways and deals!)
  • The people working there are always nice and the restaurant is always clean!
  • They have their own Root-beer - YUM!
Prices are comparable to that of McDonalds, only WHY in the world would you eat at McDonald's when you could have a Butter Burger + Cheese Curds?? If you're spending the calories on Burgers, Cheese and Frozen Custard...get thee to your nearest Culver's!

Get the Deals:
Culver's offers seven SnackPak Meal options that include a signature ButterBurger, small crinkle cut fries and a small drink. Some of these meals start at less than $4. Bargain! Also, join Culver’s eClub and receive a buy one, get one free Value Basket for joining and free One Scoop Sundae on your birthday. The Text Club offers deals and news about your local Culver's right to your phone and you'll receive a free single scoop of Fresh Frozen Custard for signing up.