Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Financial Tidbit...

Good evening blog readers. My financial tip tonight is to re-evaluate you recurring expenses this week. Cable, Internet, bloated phone bill, eating out,...don't cut anything yet, just track it and understand where your money is going. Knowing is more than half the battle! If you share assets in your home with a spouse, this includes tracking everything you both are spending.

Good week we'll tackle the spending!

My son is 6 months old!!

Where has this time gone? Six months has flown by, just like everyone said it would! Our Son Walter is already army crawling around the floors and sleeping in his crib through the night. He is a little darling and brings so much joy to my life! I love singing to him and walking in the woods with him. We have so much fun together....I'm looking forward to much more!

The photos below are a picture of Walter and I together, a picture of Walter at a Mommy and Me movie this week (the great and powerful Oz) I love how his face shows how much he was taking in the wonder of the movies! And the last pic is a picture of him playing on his Soldier Field blanket.