Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Packing a lunch

Packing a lunch is truly a gold mine of savings.  My husband takes a packed lunch to work every day (and luckily he prefers leftovers from last nights dinner!).  I pack it the night before after dinner, rounding up whatever is left over and adding to it with sliced fruit, an occasional V8, veggies and string cheese.  Bringing a lunch instead of buying a lunch can save $5-7 dollars a day!  For one person and on the low end that's $25 per work week.  Not only is it cheaper than your bought lunch... It is also generally healthier!  

Here's some examples of packed lunches that I put together for Jon:

Mini meatballs and red sauce,noodles
Parmesan in a separate bag
Sliced up orange and yellow peppers
Granola bar

Taco bowl (leftover taco meat, rice with tomato and jalapeños, black beans)
Peeled orange slices
String cheese or Babybel
Carrot sticks

Bavarian sausages and sauerkraut with mustard
Carrot sticks
Slices of Swiss cheese
Yogurt with fruit

Try a week of packing your lunch the night before and see how it works for you!  

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