Monday, January 17, 2011

Packing a essentials

One of the best aspects in traveling of being a woman is that you can carry a purse bigger than your suitcase and no one can tell you that it's not legit. This week I have to carefully pack my carry-on...I made of wish list of things I wish I had packed to Europe, and this time they'll be there!
  • Lip-gloss/Chap-stick
  • An empty water bottle (to refill on the other side of security)
  • Lotion - my skin gets so dry on airplanes
  • Eye-Mask - to actually get some sleep on the plane (also considering earplugs)
  • Ipad - to watch movies, read, write, play game
  • Book - (I'm packing "Devil in the White City")
  • Snacks - we're traveling on American Airlines, might as well be called 'Nickel and Dimelines'...they charge for snacks and they are not even good! I'll be packing a healthy snack box...details to come.
  • Cozy Socks - to be comfy on the plane (I'm bringing my Peppermint-scented Shea-infused socks from Bath and Body Works that I got for Christmas)
  • Laying clothes - you never know what the temp will be on the plane. Since it's below freezing in Chicago and 80 degrees in St. Lucia, I will be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt to the airport with a tank underneath. I am not sure what we're doing about coats on the way to the airport...hmmm.
  • Hair-ties
  • Journal + pens - I love to write.
  • Camera + Underwater Camera
  • Cell phone and charger - for emergencies
  • Starbucks Via (as a coffee-addict I might need some java on the fly)
  • Sunblock - my skin is iridescent from living in Chicago during mid-winter...the proof is right here (above)....this skin burns when it sees sunlight, I use SPF 45!
  • Passport, Driver's License + Credit Cards
That's all I can think of now....with more packing this week, I'm sure I'll come up with more additional.

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