Monday, January 17, 2011

Ipad Review - Thanks to TCS Software

I am so happy to be an Ipad user; a million thanks to TCS Software! Even though the Ipad looked amazingly cool when it came out, I was still hesitant to jump into the Apple market because I have always been strictly a PC user. However, now I would highly endorse it to most technology users and media consumers because I am extremely impressed my Ipad’s many uses and its overall functionality! Already, in just one month, I have truly put my Ipad to use in hundreds of ways!

I love the Ipad’s size….it’s mobile, portable, has enough space to type comfortably on a touch-screen keyboard and still fits conveniently in my purse! As an Interview Center Coordinator for a major university, graduate student and free-lance musician, having access to my email accounts with a Wi-Fi connection lets me keep track of my music students, schedule gigs with clients, coordinate essential interview schedules and stay connected with my professors and coursework, all from my Ipad at basically any location! Last week I was away from my office at an Expo and I still manager to coordinate a significant interview schedule for my client; receiving the list of selected candidates by email, contacting the preselected candidates and creating an efficient schedule on the Ipad’s “Notes” application. Once the schedule was created on “Notes” I exported it easily to my office-based email. Without the portability of the Ipad, I would have had to create the schedule during overtime hours. I also sync my Ipad with Google Documents, keeping my calendar current as I plan and organize my events, gigs and meetings.

Not only is my Ipad functional, it’s also fun! While waiting for hours in doctors’ offices or riding the EL to downtown Chicago, I enjoy playing games or listening to music that I have downloaded from the App/Itunes Store. I also purchase my assigned book-club books on my Ipad through the Kindle Application, allowing me to read novels wherever I go, without the hassle of carrying heavy books around with me. I have an entire library in my purse (including sheet music and graduate school texts, fun novels and in my purse!)

In Chicago the weather is constantly changing and I absolutely love The Weather Channel’s Ipad application! I check it every morning and multiple times throughout the day to know what will happen weather-wise. Once you tap the icon, the application immediately shows the current and future Doppler radar of your area. It also alerts you of severe weather warnings in your area and keeps you updated on the hurricane season – which is important if you enjoy storms as much as I do!

Musically, from the App Store I downloaded “Uke Tune” which is a ukulele tuner. There are similar applications for every instrument available. The application can play standard or custom tuning notes. For standard ukulele, it plays the 4 string pitches; A, C, E, and G to allow you to tune your ukulele by ear. This month, I brought my Ipad along to gigs and have used it to tune up my instrument prior to performances!

I’m sure I will discover a hundred more uses for the Ipad! What a great tool and I would recommend it to many people seeking out an entertaining, functional and portable wireless device.

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