Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Free Makeup Samples - Just Ask!

When buying beauty supplies, do you loooove that new fragrance, but don't know how you'll like it tomorrow? Or let's say you've heard about a new hair product that requires towel-dried hair and a hair-dryer? How are you supposed to try it in the store before you buy it? Just ask a retail associate for a sample! This holds true with ANY product at Sephora, Ulta and most other beauty product retailers, including most department stores.

When you ask for a sample, either they will have pre-packaged samples sent from the products' company for this very reason, or they will fill a small plastic container to give you enough to take home and try out! It's a great way to try the product before you purchase something you are unsure of. This is also a great idea for people with sensitive skin and allergies, so you don't spend $50 on something that may cause your skin to break out into hives!

Personally, as an avid online shopper, I like trying things in stores that I am considering purchasing online. For example, I'll try it at Sephora in store by asking for a sample and then later buy it online at with free shipping, 3 bonus samples (that come with every Sephora order) and of course use a cash-back program like Ebates or

Generous free samples from your beauty counter can make decision making when buying the perfect foundation (or whatever product) simple, fun, more frugal and easy!

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