Thursday, February 3, 2011

Your Frugal Guide to Watching Da Bears

Da Bears, Da Bears, Da Bears....

Luckily for us in Chicago, avocados are in season during football season! Nom nom nom! Score some for 50-70 cents each at Village Marketplace in Skokie!


Avocados...a must have for any tailgate!

This is the perfect time to combine your culinary and crafty skills to create a Football Guacamol-arena! Let's break it down here:

  • 4 Avocados, $2.00
  • Sour Cream, $.99
  • 2 Limes, $.18 cents
  • Garlic Powder or roasted Garlic, $.20 cents
Total Cost = $3.37 Add some print-out paper pennants on a couple skewers or extra chopsticks and you're set for kick-off!

For chip dipping make sure to have some local Chicago tortilla chips....they are extra yummy and also the cheapest (since semi-trucks didn't drive them across the country to get into your chip bowl!) My favorites and my best recommendations are:

El Milagro: Crispy, delicious and made right here in Chicago. Only $2.99 at Whole Foods and about the same price elsewhere. Look for the large brown bag.

El Ranchero: The green bag, a bit thicker than El Milagro, and also made here in Chicago. Typically $2.69 for a bag.

Make sure you're getting the game on TV: Da Bears Schedule This Sunday on Jan 16th 'da Bears are playing the Seahawks at Noon on FOX!

Don't forget to wear your Bears gear...if you don't already have your Bears apparel, get some with free shipping on 2010 Division Champs Gear from The Chicago Bears Pro Shop online. Also Kohl's has much of their Chicago Bears gear and apparel on sale. Find an extra coupon for 15% off and get additional savings at

Go Bears!!!

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