Wednesday, February 23, 2011

10 Reasons I Shop at Home for Christmas....

In poker, so the saying goes, "If you can't spot the sucker at the table- it's you".

In regards to shopping and spending money, the same thing is the case. In the past few days, I have heard so many people talking about running around spending $15 and up on children's toys...the exact same toys I had shipped free to me for $6.00-9.00 dollars each last week.

My Advice for Last Minute Shoppers....
  • So if you're still shopping, finish up online with your credit card (Not bank or debit card!).
  • There are MANY options even last minute to buy online to get things before Christmas for a better price than the mall! From your home computer, try and's Today's Top Deals for up to date listings of deals along with coupons and notifications for free shipping.
  • ALWAYS use a cash-back method, like Ebates, and group together purchases for free shipping if it's not already included.
Even during the last minutes of Christmas shopping, there's NO WAY you would find me running around the stores like a maniac trying to FIND the right gift for someone on my list. Why? Let me count the ways...

  1. Brick & Mortar stores have to pay rent to someone - and guess who's paying their rent/mortgage? You!
  2. There are a lot of crazy people out there....seriously. They are grumpy cause their shopping isn't done and they are not fun to be around.
  3. Stores have to keep things in stock...and sometimes, (quite often during Christmas) they don't have your size or color, or even carry a certain item. So then you have to go to the next store, and the next...and the next! It's a wild goose chase!
  4. Everyone at the mall is running out of boxes or being stingy when they do give out boxes. Ordering online = your item is shipped in some sort of box.
  5. In Chicago, there is snow EVERYWHERE! Not only is it really, really cold...but it's dangerous to drive to the mall and around town! (especially when 70% of the shoppers are crazed + distracted)
  6. I can spend my time with my family; Instead of running around like a maniac shopping on Monday night, I watched the Bears beat the Vikings with my husband! Quality time with the husband + our cute cats (especially with a Bears' victory) is a definite plus!
  7. Cheaper prices are found online - seriously. If you don't believe me, let's compare lists and see who spent more. I'm guessing it's you!
  8. You can use 'rewards' and 'cash back' options for online shopping, like Ebates + FatWallet. Not to mention, and also have up to date listings of great deals, free shipping and more!
  9. By shopping online and staying home, I'm keeping my car safe (from snow, ice + crazy people) in a opposed to driving around town finishing my shopping.
  10. No risk of getting pick-pocketed or car-jacked when you're at home! I do recommend ALWAYS using a credit card that is NOT tied to your bank account. A 'credit/debit card' from your bank is just simply not safe - it is linked directly to your bank account and assets. You have much more protection buying online with a credit card.
Good luck to all the crazy shoppers out there!
ipad cats.jpg
Shopping online is so easy, even our cats can do it! Bella + Layla are shopping for good deals on and!

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